Stimulate Your Brain with Video Games

We all love video games, right? How many times have you been scolded or shouted at for playing games on the PC, console, or your mobile for hours without studying? Well, all parents think that video games do nothing but harm. Now it is high time we prove them wrong. Scientific research has come up with a whole lot of advantages and benefits of playing video games. Even a simple game like Angry Birds or Candy Crush on your mobile device has been known to boost your mood and stimulate your brain for good. It reduces stress and relaxes your nerves if played for a short time.

When it comes to high effect gaming, there are even more benefits. Gamers are known to be better at visual perception and analytical skills. People who play games are able to be mentally more alert and aware o the surroundings. They have high visual skills which help them perceive 3D better, distinguish between colors, and also have better problem solving skills. Games boost your brain and get it thinking. This stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for analytical skills and problem solving. Role playing games and strategy games help a lot in the brain development. It is a good exercise for the brain as it makes you think out of the box. They are exciting and helpful at the same time. Play the quiz here to check how much you know about the benefits of gaming. You will definitely get to learn a lot from it.

Just like everything else, even gaming needs to be done in moderation. Too much of violent games are known to make kids more aggressive. Parental control is required to keep gaming under moderation. Too much could affect your eyesight and also harm you instead. You must never get addicted to gaming. Health IQ will help you understand how much is good for you. Follow us for more tips on how to live healthily.